WEN By Chaz Rescues Blogger With Fine Thin Boring Hair

Emily McClure is a beauty blogger with the dreaded fine, thin hair no one wishes to have. It’s a challenge every time she washes and attempts to manage it, and all that Emily desires is strong, big, beautiful hair. So, she went product searching on Amazon for the answer and stumbled on to WEN by Chaz.

Emily planned on a personal 7-day hair journey with WEN and posted hair selfies and results with Bustle.com.

Wen by Chaz is a unique and effective way to cleanse, condition, de-tangle, deep condition and style your hair, prepared all in one bottle. This incredible no lather shampoo system was developed by famous LA stylist Chaz Dean to give moisture, sheen and strength to all types of hair at any age and with any ethnicity.

Chaz Dean’s special cleansing conditioners are based on his healthy lifestyle and do not contain the damaging detergents found in store bought shampoos and conditioners. Instead, WEN by Chaz is formulated with pure, natural herbs that soothe strands, never stripping them with weakening agents.

Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for dry, damaged locks. As she washed with WEN in the shower, she loved the experience, because her hair seemed to swell in thickness and get smoother in texture. After she blow-dried and styled her mane, Emily transformed into a hair goddess. Her medium length tresses looked gorgeous, full and manageable, and her selfies show the proof. Even Emily’s close girlfriends remarked on her new, super shiny hair. Emily was loving the compliments.

To achieve the ultimate WEN by Chaz experience, Emily shares these tips:

1. Use the proper amount of product for your hair length. Don’t be afraid to use a lot.

2. Use daily every morning and adopt a routine.

3. Always follow with a blow-dry and styling session.

Visit the Wen website: http://www.wenhaircare.com/
Visit the Wen YouTube channel for more info.

Brian Bonar Named in the Honorary Who’s Who® Registry in Cambridge

As CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation (DFCO), Brian Bonaris is the 2010/2011 Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance of Cambridge, California. This is a prestigious election, as only 4 people of each discipline are chosen.

The selection committee select the candidates based on the professional achievements, leadership capabilities and academic accomplishments of hundreds of potential candidates.

With more than 30 years of experience in professional financial management, Bonar has earned his nomination, qualified to serve as full command of Dalrada Financial Corporation operations after 10 or more years of exceeding all expectations in his capacity as the CEO and Chairman of DFCO.

Under his leadership, the company has secured a mentionable market share of the financial and business management service sector. His achievements has attracted the attention financial experts and successful entrepreneurs worldwide.

Under Bonars management, DFCO has performed as a Marketing Liaison in order to supply aftermarket products, employee benefit programs and risk management services such as workers compensation and business liability insurance to employers.

Brian Bonar works diligently to supply each of DFCo clients with personalized products that deliver protection as well as efficiency by building business processes and structures with a creative and personal approach. Due to his managerial and creative brilliance, Bonar has earned his honorary recognition and has the potential to offer more in the future.

According to Spokeo, Brian Bonar graduated from James Watt Technical College, where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. He continued his education by attending Stafford University, in which he obtained his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. After college, he was hired by IBM to work as a procurement manager until he accepted an offer from Adaptec to work as a Sales Manager.

After gaining experience in that position, Bonar established his own corporation, Bezier Systems. Years later, he joined DFCO and accepted the position her currently serves in. It is there that he was able to display his talents and utilize his accumulation of experience in a way that was explosive and profound. Read more: Brian Bonar | LinkedIn

Today, Brian Bonar is professionally associated with the American Finance Association as a licensed Ph.D. While serving as the Chairman and CED of DFCO, he concurrently serves in the same positions at Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. (STTN) and as President of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc.

As his specialty is in business mergers and acquisitions as well as operating multiple businesses simultaneously, he is also employed with Trucept, Inc. and the The Amanda Co., Inc. He holds executive positions in all of the aforementioned corporations, combining his knowledge in engineering and architecture in order to take unique approaches to business processes. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://mg2.com/about/people/brian-bonar/

These accolades prove and show that not only is Bonar competent and productive in prominent positions of major corporations, but he is also trusted and highly desired in the financial management marketplace.

Multinational Corporation IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is a multinational company that provides logistics, facilities management and professional and technical services throughout the world. The company has over 2,000 employees in over 25 countries and therefore has a considerable presence globally. With IAP customers in both the public and private sectors will be able to get their needs met in terms of logistics and management no matter how demanding the circumstances may be. This company always takes on the unexpected in terms of things such as natural disasters to war zones. IAP Worldwide will be able to complete a number of tasks on short notice such as managing and operating military installations, civilian facilities and also research laboratories.

What makes IAP Worldwide a leading logistics company is the services it offers. With IAP a number of customers will be able to get assistance in some very important things such as technology, infrastructure and communications. Therefore IAP Worldwide offers a number of different forms of assistance such as government services, expeditionary infrastructure, power solutions, aviation and engineering, information technology and communications. As a result IAP Worldwide is able to help a number of entities get established in terms of quality infrastructure and logistics.

Read more:
IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Profile – The Business Journals

IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn

One of the main things that IAP offers to customers is the establishment of information technology and communications. The company provides a number of high tech products and systems that will give entities what they need to improve their capabilities. With IAP’s assistance, organizations will have support systems and solutions which will help them get the technology and communications they need to achieve their goals. IAP offers them an opportunity to more easily establish technology systems such as improving security, IT infrastructure services, data and operations centers, and data center design and installation.

Another one of the most common services offered by IAP Worldwide is government services. IAP helps many government entities better establish and manage their facilities. Whether it is field hospitals or airfields, IAP will help government organizations keep the United States secure. With a combination of proven technology sources and experience, IAP is able to help a number of civilian and defense agencies function in any environment. Therefore it will help meet the needs and commitments of the United States and its allies on a regular basis. With these services, a number of organizations will have the necessary facilities and tools to get established in a given area and be in the best position to meet their objectives thanks to IAP Worldwide.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide:


Report Securities Violation Today and Get the Best Whistleblower Representation from Labaton Sucharow

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, enacted by the Congress in 2010, is the most comprehensive financial regulation in the United States since the Great Depression. The Dodd-Frank Act has brought many significant reforms among them being the establishment of a new program benefiting whistleblowers. Under the program, those who choose to break their silence and report federal securities violations to the Securities and Exchange Commission are provided with financial incentives and employment protections.

Labaton Sucharow became the very first law firm in the entire United States to respond to the legislation by establishing a practice specifically aimed at protecting and advocating for whistleblowers reporting to the SEC. The firm tops in securities litigation and now has a Whistleblower Representation Practice team that is comprised of financial analysts, investigators and forensic accountants with unparalleled experience in federal and state law enforcement. This team, led by Jordan A. Thomas, provides whistleblowers an exceptional legal representation. Thomas once served in the SEC in the Division of Enforcement as the Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel. It during his time at the SEC that the proposed legislation together with final implementing rules, that culminated in the Whistleblower Program, were drafted. Thomas led the entire process.

The rules of the program require the SEC to pay eligible whistleblowers after successful enforcement actions or in actions where monetary sanctions exceed $1 million. Whistleblowers get 10-30 percent of the collected amount. They may also receive additional awards following more collections after related actions are brought before the SEC by other organizations concerned with regulation and law enforcement as far as the above threshold is met. The Act also prohibits employers from acting against whistleblowers who report to the SEC in accordance with the rules of the program. Whistleblowers may also choose to report on possible violations of securities laws anonymously as far as they are represented by an attorney.

Get more information about the SEC’s Whistleblower Program or how to place a request for case evaluation by contacting the Labaton Sucharow’s Whistleblower Representation Team. The team can be reached through various means such as telephone, email or even submitting electronically through their website. They offer free initial consultations and case evaluations. Everything is confidential as guided by the attorney-client privilege. During the initial consultation stages, individuals are not required to name possible violators of securities laws or give any personal identifying information. The team offers translation services to international whistleblowers upon request.

Learn more about SEC Whistleblower Lawyers

Blogger Investigates Claims of Wen by Chaz Dean

Emily McClure is a popular fashion blogger with a substantial following. She blogs about hair and fashion tips and how to be happy and healthy while competing in this style-conscious world. She recently contributed an in-depth article to Bustle.com on a popular and controversial hair care product, WEN hair by Chaz Dean. The product is a purported all-in-one shampoo and conditioner, and it cleans the hair of residues and leaves it ready and able to be fashionably styled. While the product promises a great deal, the Amazon price tag reflects its claims by costing about double the costs of comparable products on the market. Certain hair-care products, usually sold at Sephora cosmetics, are priced above other products, but customers of the salons feel that these may be of a higher quality than other products.

McClure decided to investigate. She followed the recommended directions on the bottle of Wen hair by Chaz Dean for use and compiled the results in a written and photographed essay. We follow her through the entire week that she used the product. She naturally and self-consciously presents herself as the hair model, and we watch her undergo the transition beginning with a photo of her returning exhausted from a business trip with unmanageable and dirty hair to the final photo in the series after the seventh day. Read and see the full seven day in-depth study here: Your text to link…

McClure reports that at the end of the seven-day trial her hair seemed more manageable and that the results were more or less positive, but she ends the discourse by suggesting that anyone interested in the product try it for themselves. For pricing and details of the product visit the website [http://www.wenhaircare.com/] where more information and reviews of the product are available.


A New CEO at Coriant

Coriant has become a company that is more popular than ever with offered network solutions that has attracted thousands of loyal customers to get some of the most innovative networking solutions offered worldwide. Coriant is a company that was founded in 2013 with technology that comes from Siemens Optical Networks, Tellabs, as well as from Sycamore Networks. The launch of Coriant was a result of the Marlin Equity Partners to offer expert networking solutions to loyal clients. With the latest technology and highly trained experts who are a part of this team, Coriant has become more popular than ever for networking solutions.

What Coriant sells is software as well as hardware that offers optimal transmission in the Backbone network. This optimal transmission works for voice, data, as well as for mobile networks. This company has become a company that develops dynamic and innovative networking solutions. These networking solutions have been proven to be not only cloud-enabled, but have also been proven to be fast changing which makes these networks optimal for the world of business and fast transactions. In a world were businesses base competitiveness based around speed, Coriant has been able to make a fortune with providing the optimal tools for making these transactions.

Not only does Coriant ensure that the operating complexity is greatly reduced, but this company also ensures that the utilization is improved of this multi-layer network. Not only are these networking solutions optimal for businesses, but they are also optimal for the ease of the consumer. Coriant is currently the leading network operator in over 100 countries around the world with thousands of networks deployed. The leader and innovator of this resilient foundation that offers end-user revenue is Shaygan Kheradpir, an expert leader as well as an expert innovator who has been appointed as the CEO of Coriant based upon his past experiences and based upon his qualifications.

As an innovator, Shaygan Kheradpir is an expert engineer who has earned his position from the Marlin Equity Partners based upon his excellent record. Mr. Kheradpir is not new to this company as he has worked with Coriant several times while building the business with several of the senior partners at Marlin Equity Partners. With almost 30 years of experience in the technology and business industry, Mr. Shaygan was the perfect individual for the job. The creators of Coriant are excited to see where his innovation will lead the company.

Follow his Twitter – @shaygank

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Two Weight Loss Companies in Legal Battle Over Stolen Video

Two companies that are touting a new and impactful weight loss program are currently entrenched in a legal battle over a pirated video. The Plaintiff in the lawsuit, Nutrimost, claims that their rival weight loss company, Healthy Living, stole their program and is trying to sell it to gain customers of its own. This mostly stems from a stolen video off of the Nutrimost website. Healthy Living pirated the video from the Nutrimost website and posted it on their site as a means of promoting the weight loss plan to their potential customers. Nutrimost claims that the company stole the video and posted it on their site almost to completion with slight alterations.
The differences between the two videos are minimal. The only difference in the Healthy Living video seems to be that the Nutrimost company name is replaced with theirs. They also replaced the slogan “Ultimate Weight Loss Plan” with “Can’t Lose Diet”. Nutrimost maintains that this is enough to determine that Healthy Living pirated the video. They even sent the company a cease and desist letter last fall that was not followed. The only efforts that Healthy Living made were to post a more edited version of the video that still used the original content. This includes some of the same customer and doctor testimonials.
As of this time, Nutrimost is seeking $300,000 in damages from Healthy Living for the theft of their intellectual property and damages to their reputation as a company. There is no trace of the video at this point on the Healthy Living website. This is a hot button issue in the weight loss community because of the popularity of this relatively new weight loss program that has had a lot of positive effects on patients around the United States. Neither company could be reached for comment at this time.




Dick DeVos Continues His Philanthropy And Charitable Work

Dick DeVos is among the wealthiest families in Michigan. A recent online article in Mother Jones about how his family continues to give together to various social causes and global charities. The DeVos family continues to be one of the most generous contributors as Christian leaders and conservatives. They have given over $1 billion dollars overcome (4) decades during (2) generations. Their professional acquaintances include industry leaders like Action Institute, Americans For Prosperity, Heritage Works Foundations, and much more. The DeVos family are one of the big name advocacy groups in America.

Dick DeVos believes in being bold and hard work as keys to building success. More importantly, DeVos and his family chooses to remain humble. Being humble has contributed to a large portion of his donations received by the public and private sector. He encourages his followers to stay committed and make a difference by following through. He admits everyone can give back through a smile, tutoring, or being a mentor. DeVos is also committed to global awareness and outreach missions. He is also a strong advocate for Boy Scouts STEM education building future leaders for tomorrow. He is also a personal contributor to the Boy Scouts organization.

DeVos Family Donates To Mass Orlando Shooting

The DeVos family are the proud owners of the Orlando Magic’s. They have always been huge donors to Orlando charities and events. In a recent shooting at the Paradise nightclubs in Orlando that hosts gays and transgender Omar Mateen is accused of killing (49) people and injuring countless others before he was shot and killed by the Orlando police. He is a strong advocate for same sex marriage and has donated millions of dollars for gay rights. His basketball team and family has raised and donated over $500,000 to the victims of the shooting and their families.

He has served in a variety of executive positions, but he currently serves as president of The Windquest Group. He oversees all the corporate functions, but it has never stopped him from being active in the community. He has tripled international sales during his current tenure. He also spear heads the Education Freedom Fund which aided 4,000 Michigan underprivileged students with scholarships. Dick DeVos is a (2) time sailing champion and helicopter pilot. He is also a proud graduate of Northwood University. Their family has a reputation for being generous fundraisers for diverse social causes.

Choosing the Best Healthcare Provider, InnovaCare Health

In today’s society, healthcare is at an all time high in terms of its demand in quantity just as much as its quality. In the United States alone, innovations and strides are made almost daily that propel health care into new depths and effectiveness through new treatment options and information; however, all of the progress comes at great costs. The innovative new treatments and health care must be provided through a company or business.

In an attempt to remedy the plague that is the issue of health care providers, their reliability, their sustainability and their quality of work along with legitimacy; the United States federal government began its Medicare program.

Through Medicare, countless individuals in the United States receive health care benefits at extremely low costs amounting in monthly payments that are tailored to each patient’s personal ability to pay. But other alternative options to the federal government’s “Medicare Original” program exist that still yield the same Medicare benefits received through the federal government directly.

An alternative option to Medicare Original through the federal government is to receive Medicare benefits by the means of going through a third party provider. Approximately one third of Medicare beneficiaries have taken advantage of this option: a “Medicare Advantage Plan”.

Medicare Advantage plans are available in a slew of different configurations based on their intended and/or primary function in terms of what particular benefits or set of benefits an individual prioritizes.

Read more: Meet Our CEO

While Medicare Advantage plans are seemingly a godsend, the same recurring issue is present: reliability. Luckily there are certain providers, or in the case of InnovaCare Health–networks of providers that are entirely trustworthy and directly and meticulously engineered and designed for success and streamlined execution and operation according to Rick Shinto, president and CEO of InnovaCare.

InnovaCare Health prioritizes patients first along with the comfortable, trusting and understanding relationship between a health care provider and its patients. While holding true to this baseline foundation of operation, InnovaCare Health has build a continuously expanding network of health care providers and constructed a reliable and trustworthy Medicare Advantage program through which they are able to utilize two different methods to ensure that patients receive the absolute pinnacle of health care quality and treatment, both medically and personally by providers.

While InnovaCare allows nothing to interrupt the maintenance of its vision of understanding and healthy relationships between patients and providers according to Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare. InnovaCare also implements the best health care treatments, technology, equipment and overall practices available in the industry as to achieve an unmatched combination of high quality health care with remarkable patient satisfaction and understanding along with healthy and personal patient-provider relationships, a balance that is all too rare in today’s industry. Many health care providers are unable to maintain and sustain their practice due to a turbulent environment for health care in today’s world; however, InnovaCare Health boasts unparalleled experience in engineering and managing health care providers to ensure lasting sustainability that will result in familiarity between patients and providers.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health: http://innovacarehealth.com/leadership/

The Achievements Of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is among the top entrepreneurs and a very successful financial executive. He is the leader of Trucept, Incorporated (formerly known as Smart-Tek Solutions, Incorporated.). His leadership background are unmatched.

Having worked as Chairperson and CEO at companies such as Dalrada Financial Corporation, he has been able to enhance his leadership skills to a new level. His passion lies in leading high-performing teams to create, develop, and deliver collaborative solutions

Mr. Brian Bonar graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College. He then attended Stafford University, where he attained his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also holds a Ph.D. and is professionally affiliated with the American Finance Association.

Brian has worked with the STTN Board and was named President on September 17, 2009. He has IBM experience spanning up to 18 years, having worked in Europe, Asia, and the USA. From 2003, he was the Chairperson and CEO OF The Solvis Group, a company that provides staffing, professional employer organization (PEO) and ASO services to medical and call center market segments.

Brian Bonar was named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. The award is a prestigious honor. It is worth noting that only two male and two female members in each discipline are named executives of the year.

Accomplishing this award is not an easy feat as many would presume. The Cambridge Who’s Who committee chooses the award winners based on their academic achievements, professional accomplishments, and leadership qualities. Mr. Bonar has excelled in all these areas.

His 30 years of professional management experience in the financial sector has enabled him to monitor operations for the Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian has been the chairperson and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation for more than a decade. He has been responsible for a broad range of employer and employee benefits and aftermarket products. Learn more about Brian Bonar: https://about.me/brianbonar and http://www.whitepages.com/name/Brian-Bonar

Dalrada Financial Corporation acts as a marketing liaison. It is in charge of supplying its clients a wide variety of employee programs that enable their ventures to increase profits. Some of the employee programs provided by the Dalrada Financial Corporation are financial management, employee benefits, promotional and business management services as well as risk management insurance.

Risk management insurance includes workers compensation and business liability. Mr. Bonar is also the president of Allegiant Professional Business Service Incorporated, which provides Professional staffing and PEO services. Read more:  Brian Bonar Trains His Employees In Exceptional Customer Service and Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

Many people look up to Mr. Bonar as their role model. His dedication to work and result-oriented mindset is a challenge to those to aspire to reach his heights of success. His empathetic, active, and bold character defines the man he is. His entrepreneurial ventures are worth admiration in all possible aspects.